Look out for ... Michelle at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018 in Hillary's Kitchen, a political comedy 

set in Hillary Clinton's kitchen after the shock election results of 2016. 

August 20th - 25th, theSpace @ Surgeon's Hall, Nicholson Square, EH8 9        Click here to BUY TICKETS           


Crossing Paths, B Squared Films Crossing Paths, film
The Chaos and the Calm by Triskelle Pictures The Chaos and the Calm, Music Video
Headshot 2018
Crossing Paths, B Squred Films Crossing Paths, film
Emmerdale ITV Emmerdale
Headshot 2018
Playing Liz in Cadence, Film
Tides, Music Video
Headshot 2015
Comedy Sketch Show
Cellar, Fragrant Harbour Films Playing the lead in Cellar, film
Crossing Paths by B Squared Films Playing Alison (lead) in Crossing Paths, film
Publicity shot 2015
Acting Prep: Swordfighting


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