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A sneaky peak behind the scenes...                                                                                                                          







Looking glamorous on the set of Cadence.

























Looking creepy on the set of Rise...


















Crossing Paths with Phil Molloy.

An amazing day but incredibly cold hence the hot chocoalate and fleece...











And again... but with giggles!




















My first scene on upcoming 3 part TV drama Print with Coalescent Films.


















Being daft on set in The House of Afflictions.











House of Afflictions with Stefan Boehm.




















Shooting The Chaos and the Calm with Sophie Elizabeth Black,

Triskelle Pictures.







And warming up afterwards!


















Some green screen work with Zombie Hood.

















 And some training...






























Acting workshops...













+44 (0) 7801 737 896 / michelledarkinpriceactor@gmail.com