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'Michelle Darkin Price is a brilliantly versatile actress who can ease between vulnerability and sorrow, or light comedy as and when the part requires.' Sophie E Black, Director


After living her early years moving around Greater London with her parents and sister, Michelle decided on the ‘sensible’ route away from her love of acting and studied at Nottingham Trent University for a BSc Honours degree in Engineering and Business. She then spent a number of years in the corporate sector, leaving to set up eco business The Green Box Shop, which she ran for a further five years whilst starting a family.


'Why did I go back into acting?' she says... 'It was inevitable. Always loved it as a youngster and love it even more now. I've come full circle!'


Since returning to acting, she has trained with various teachers at The Nottingham Actors Workshop, The Actors Guild in London and now trains with the highly regarded Studio13 Meisner school.


She has appeared in feature and short films alongside commercials, corporates and music videos. The award-winning film Crossing Paths, in which she starred, has now amassed a total of 21 sets of laurels on the festival circuit. Michelle has also worked on well-known soap 

Emmerdale, alongside starring in cult 'change out of a fiver' movie House of Afflictions by Mr Stitch.

She currently lives in the UK with her husband, three teenagers, Rosie the dog and is represented by... British Talent Agency 

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