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Sophie Black, Triskelle Pictures Ltd. Director and Film Designer.


Michelle's warm and caring nature always shines through on screen, which makes her the perfect fit for the numerous maternal roles she's been selected for. But she is also a brilliantly versatile actor, who can ease between vulnerability and sorrow, or light comedy, as and when a part requires.


Beyond her clear screen prescence, MIchelle is genuinely lovely to have on set:hard-working, enthusiastic about the films she works on, and always willing to push herself to get the best take, whilst maintaining a friendly and sociable demeanour towards the rest of the crew.


   I've worked with Michelle on three separate occasions now, and I highly recommend her for your next production.


   August 2018



Jason Rivers, Director of Cadence.



Working with Michelle was easy and that's a good thing! Having seen her in other productions I knew what she could bring to a story and was happy when I learn't that she had been cast in the AA's Text-Driving Awareness film Cadence. Being on a tight schedle meant that I had limited time working with her prior to the shoot. Her ability to understand her character and role was flawless and this easily enhanced the scene. This also enabled me to try out different adjustments, which Michelle excelled at, hence making more options for the edit and the final film itself, more powerful.'


November 2016



Ben Bloore, B Squared Films. Director of Crossing Paths.


When we first began work on our short film Crossing Paths we knew we wanted an actress that was experienced in a wide range including shorts, television and feature film. Michelle seemed to fit the bill perfectly. The lead character was to be very fragile and emotional and we felt that Michelle had the perfect look and feel to portray the part of the melancholic Alison. After the self tape and initial meeting, we knew we had our actress. Michelle very quickly showed commitment and dedication to the role, even bringing her own thoughts and ideas to both the character and story.  As we moved forward on to shooting, I am very pleased to say that Michelle was a delight to work with, fantastic with her lines, improvisation and got on with every member of cast and crew. As the director, Michelle listened whenever I gave direction and carefully rehearsed with her co-stars to bring the best to her role and a little bit more.


We wish Michelle all the best in her acting career and will gladly work with her again in the future.


March 2016



Adrian Reynolds, Founder at Adrian Inspires


As well as being accomplished as a performer, Michelle is conscientious and considerate in the way she approaches her career. She's bright, talented, and I'm confident will be of value to whatever project you're considering her for, with a range that covers emotionally involved drama, thrillers, horror, and comedy.


September 8, 2015


Michelle and Adrian have worked together on several projects, the most recent being Breaking In, a play written by Adrian and recorded for radio.






Joe MacBeth, Owner of Fragreant Harbour Productions, Film Director


"I worked with Michelle a few years ago on some independant short film projects for my company Fragrant Harbour Productions. She was a consummate professional who was able to work on the fly, quickly embodying her roles, providing subtle and nuance to her performances as well as aptly taking direction." 


October 2018





Karl Brown , Actor


Working with Michelle is a lot of fun. She brings a lot to her roles on set, making it very easy, to do what can sometimes be quite difficult scenes. I always look forward to working with her.


December 8, 2014



MIchelle and Karl have worked together on both The House of Afflictions by Mr Stitch and in Cellar by Fragrant Harbour Productions.







Amir Bazrafshan - Managing Director at Apricot Video Marketing


I recently had the pleasure of working with Michelle on the production of a high end promotional video. I found her incredibly easy to work with, very professional and great to have around the rest of the cast and crew. I would certainly recommend Michelle to anyone what is looking to hire a professional and talented performer - I look forward to working with her again.


November 21, 2013